Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recipe for Thai coconut ball dessert (aka Thai snowballs)

This is the famous Thepvongs family recipe for a dessert that San's Dad's Mom used to make when he was a kid. Coconut filled doughballs with coconut on the outside.

Make the dough.
Add water and glutinous rice flour and knead until it's a play dough or bread dough consistency. Same dialogue: "More water." "Too much water." "More flour." "Wow we have a lot." We used 1.5 bags of flour, don't use more than 1 bag if you can help it.

Make the batter

Make the filling.
Add one full bag of regular grocery store coconut. Some palm sugar. A little water. Cook on high until brown but not too dry.

Make the filling

Assembly the balls.

Roll the coconut filling into balls around no more than 1/2 inch diameter. Try for smaller.

Roll the white dough into balls then flatten like thick small pancake.

Push the coconut filling ball into the flattened dough ball and shape the dough around the filling and into a ball again. Don't punch holes in it, completely cover the filling.

Drop the stuffed balls into boiling water in a large pot, cook until the ball floats.

Assembly the balls

Roll in coconut. As it comes out of the water, roll in unsweetened coconut flakes.

Roll in coconut

Eat. Had a great picture of the Snackpig with a whole coconut ball shoved in her mouth but she wouldn't let me post it. Here's roughly what it looked like.


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